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AcuCort AB (publ) is a public Swedish limited liability company, corporate identity number 556715-5113, with its registered office in Lund, Sweden.

Corporate governance refers to the rules and decision-making hierarchies that contribute to the efficient and controlled management of the operations of a company, with the aim of meeting the owners’ demands for return on invested capital. Corporate governance in Sweden has traditionally been regulated by law.

In addition, the industry’s self-regulatory bodies have continuously presented various provisions concerning corporate governance. The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (“the Code”) issued by the Swedish Corporate Governance Board is not mandatory for AcuCort, as the company’s share is not listed on a regulated market in Sweden. However, the Board of Directors will closely follow the practices developed for the Code and intends to apply the Code in those parts that may be deemed relevant to the company and its shareholders.

The concept of corporate governance describes the decision support system by which the company is governed. AcuCort is committed to maintaining a high standard of governance through the clarity and simplicity of its management systems and governing documents. Governance of the company is based on of the company’s articles of association, the Swedish Companies Act, and other applicable laws and regulations as well as the rules of the Spotlight Stock Market.

In AcuCort all shares carry the same voting rights, which means that opportunities to exercise influence as an owner are consistent with each shareholder’s equity share in the company.

The illustration below gives an overview of AcuCort’s corporate governance structure.