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About AcuCort

Our vision is to develop and commercialize new innovative drugs that offer both clinical relevance and patient benefit.

AcuCort is an innovative biotechnology company that identifies, develops and commercializes smart drugs that meet the patient’s needs for a user-friendly and effective treatment.

The development candidates are based on existing and well-documented substances in indication areas where there is a great medical need and commercial interest in new and innovative products that bring benefits, such as simple administration. The approved drug is commercialized in partnership with a global network of licensees and/or distributors.

Our strong entrepreneurship and effective collaborative skills with external expertise create good conditions for developing new and innovative drugs. To date, we have developed ISICORT®, a fast-soluble thin, small mouth film containing the glucocorticoid dexamethasone which is a well-proven anti-inflammatory substance. In the product development, the benefits of dexamethasone and the user-friendly mouth film have been combined for quick availability and relief in emergency situations.

ISICORT® is approved in Sweden for, among other things, the treatment of acute and severe allergic reactions, croup in children, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy treatment, and for patients with COVID-19 who need complementary oxygen therapy.

Registration processes are ongoing for other prioritized markets and in 2021 the commercialization team has been geared up. AcuCort’s ambition is to commercialize ISICORT® and in the future complement it with other well-proven substances that fit the company’s business model in indication areas where there is currently a great medical need for new innovative treatments.

The starting point according to our business model is that we should prioritize potential products with shorter development periods and higher innovation height where the value development is the greatest for a small biotechnology company of our kind. The goal is to develop user-friendly and smart pharmaceutical products and then successfully bring them to market for the benefit of the patients, their families and society.

AcuCort AB was founded in 2006 and its head office is located at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. AcuCort’s share is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market since 2017 under the ticker ACUC and is traded through banks and fund commissioners.