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AcuCort obtains trademark protection for Zeqmelit® in Europe.


Agreement with TFS Trial Form Support AB regarding pharmacovigilance and Adhex Pharma regarding commercial production of ISICORT® in large-scale volume. AcuCort becomes exempt from the application fee by the FDA. SME status in the EU.  ISICORT® changes its name to Zeqmelit. Approval in Denmark and Norway. AcuCort’s survey study on allergy treatment shows positive results. AcuCort signs its first commercial agreement for  Zeqmelit™.


Stability studies show at least 36 months shelf life. A second patent for ISICORT® is granted in the United States. Patent protection in Japan. The application for market approval in the Nordic countries is submitted. A rights issue and a directed issue will provide a total of approximately SEK 31 million before issue costs. The Swedish Medical Products Agency approves ISICORT® for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 with breathing difficulties and need for oxygen therapy.


ISICORT® an approved drug in Sweden. Patent protection for ISICORT® by the patent office of China.


The application for market approval in Sweden is submitted to the Medical Products Agency. A new share issue with preferential rights for the shareholders will provide AcuCort with approximately SEK 41.2 million before issue costs.


Production at the lab scale level is scaled up to commercial size, and production according to GMP begins. An agreement is signed with the CRO company Quinta-Analytica to conduct bioequivalence studies for the application for market approval of the drug in the EU and the US. Approved patent in the US for “Acute Glucocorticoid therapy” which describes medical self-treatment with glucocorticoids in emergency situations when there is no access to medical personnel. A rights issue raises almost SEK 11 million after financing costs.


An agreement is signed with the contract manufacturer Adhex Pharma regarding the development of production. AcuCort AB (publ) is listed in April on AktieTorget (now Spotlight Stock Market). The distribution issue raises SEK 14 million after financing costs.


SEK 6 million is provided through a rights issue. Resolution on distribution issue and listing on AktieTorget.


A new patent application is submitted that protects the specific and unique formulation of the product. A rights issue of SEK 1 million.


Market research is carried out. The mouth film manufacturer tesa Labtec replaces LTS as development and manufacturing partner. The first pilot scale batches are successfully manufactured for 4 mg and 8 mg strength respectively. SEK 7.3 million is provided through an issue.


The Swedish Medical Products Agency confirms that only a repetition of a previous clinical study is needed to apply for registration in the EU. SEK 2.5 million is provided through an issue.


The Swedish Medical Products Agency confirms the development plan for EU registration. An animal study of local tolerance shows favorable results. SEK 8.5 million will be provided through an issue.


A fresh start for AcuCort and the project when the PULS group acquires the project from DuoCort AB. AcuCort receives approximately SEK 9 million through issues for development and clinical trials.


The oral film manufacturer LTS Lohmann is contracted to help with the development of the product.


AcuCort AB is formed as a subsidiary of DuoCort AB.


The first patent application is filed.


DuoCort, a project in the PULS group, now Aqilion, discovers the possibility of developing a product with simple administration of a glucocorticoid via the oral cavity.