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AcuCort as a Partner

We create value together with our partners

Our organization

AcuCort is an innovative biotechnology company based on strong entrepreneurship, an agile organization and an effective collaboration with an external network of expertise with specialist knowledge and partners. The company’s experienced board and operational team have previously taken drugs through all stages of development all the way to market and have solid experience of business development in innovative biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


AcuCort’s strategy is to attract partners with regional or global market presence as well as expertise and resources to quickly launch Zeqmelit® after regulatory approval. Dialogues with potential partners in prioritized markets are ongoing.

We are careful in choosing the partners to move forward with and in recent times in-depth discussions have been held with a number of smaller and larger pharmaceutical companies. AcuCort has set high standards, which means that our “partner of choice” should also be reputable and have experience in the allergy business area in its respective market or in a geographical region.

We value good cooperation

We identify, develop and commercialize smart drugs that meet the patient’s need for a user-friendly and effective treatment. The approved drug is commercialized in partnership with a global network of licensees and/or distributors.  Our vision is to develop and commercialize new innovative drugs that offer both clinical relevance and patient benefits.

In order to succeed with our challenges, we nurture a strategically complementary network with selected experts with specialist knowledge in their respective fields. We appreciate and maintain continuous dialogues with opinion leaders and other stakeholder groups for a mutual exchange of knowledge. We are looking for partners who meet our needs and where there are good conditions for good cooperation. Together we create value for AcuCort’s shareholders, partners, other stakeholder groups and not least for the patients and their families.

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