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AcuCort presents at Invest Live: Update on the process leading up to the launch of Zeqmelit®

AcuCort will participate in Invest Live on Tuesday, February 6th, at 12:20 PM. Jonas Jönmark, CEO, will summarize the latest news and discuss the process leading to the commercialization of Zeqmelit®.

What milestones have been achieved, and what does the process look like going forward in terms of the commercialization of the oral film Zeqmelit®? These are the key areas that will be addressed during the presentation on Tuesday. Additionally, Jonas Jönmark will provide an in-depth overview of how the company will evolve with the transition from a research company to a pharmaceutical company.

Questions can be submitted in advance to and in the comments section during the live broadcast. Invest Live is a digital event produced by Investor Target IR & Kapital, Stockpicker, and Direkt Studios.

The event will be livestreamed on YouTube via the following link:

For further information:
Jonas Jönmark, CEO AcuCort AB
Tel: +46 70 3655400

About AcuCort AB (publ)
AcuCort has developed and is commercializing Zeqmelit®, a new rapidly dissolving oral film placed on the tongue, based on the well-known cortisone substance dexamethasone. The drug is a smart product in a new, innovative, patented, and user-friendly administration form primarily for the treatment of severe and acute allergic reactions, croup in children, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, and for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 requiring supplemental oxygen therapy. Zeqmelit® is approved in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. AcuCort (ticker: ACUC) is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market. Visit for more information.