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AcuCort hires IR agency

AcuCort has hired the IR agency Investor Target to strengthen the company’s communication towards the stock market. With the collaboration, communication with the company’s existing and potential shareholders will be intensified, which is considered particularly important as the company is approaching the commercial phase.

"I consider it extremely important to have a forward-looking communication with investors as we now enter a new phase of the company's journey towards commercialization of the oral film Zeqmelit®. With Investor Target, we will initiate an effort that involves more frequent communication in both existing and new channels. The purpose is to make the market aware of the great progress the company is making and will make in the near future," says Jonas Jönmark, CEO of AcuCort.


Investor Target's CEO, Noel Neliander, further comments:  


"We have followed AcuCort for a long time and have been impressed by the progress the company has made. With an innovative IR and communication strategy, it is our firm belief that we can contribute to raising the company's profile and increase transparency towards the market, which should more clearly illustrate the potential that we judge the company to have."


For more information, please contact:
Jonas Jönmark, CEO, AcuCort AB
Telephone: + 46 (0)70 365 5400




About AcuCort AB (publ)
AcuCort has developed and commercializes Zeqmelit®, a new fast-dissolving oral film to be placed on the tongue, based on the well-known cortisone substance dexamethasone. The drug is a smart product in a new, innovative, patented and user-friendly administration form primarily for the treatment of severe and acute allergic reactions, croup in children, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy and for the treatment of patients with covid-19 who need 2 supplemental oxygen therapy . Zeqmelit® is approved in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. All in all, it strengthens the company's assessment that the time until commercialization can be relatively short. AcuCort (short name: ACUC) is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market. Please visit